Ram Ram ji,

Per the latest genetic findings, Jat community has been found to have genes that originated in 9 different geographical locations (spread as far as Serbia)
I have a Jat Sikh friend (Gill gotra) and another old Jat Sikh class fellow (Shekhon gotra) who have facial features that have unmistakable resemblance to central asian people.

We keep on hearing anecdotes from our elders that Jats came from Russia. We know that there is truth hidden in all these ancient folktales and family tales.
Came to find out today that Ukraine's former prosecutor general - Viktor Shokin - has a last name which is uncannily same as Shokeen gotra of Jats !

Keep on joining the dots folks and a picture will emerge. This information age will lead to answers that our souls have been yearning for.

Om Namah Shivaaye