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Thread: The concerns over NPR and NRC

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    The concerns over NPR and NRC

    The present situation in the country regarding the population register and citizenship registration has created serious challenge in understanding the question of identity. Any individual from a rural background who hardly bothers to keep documents or has a broad memory about the dates and place of birth of one's parents could easily land into trap, where his simplicity and innocence might be exploited by corrupt bureaucratic officials on the pretext of doubting his citizenship. Such people will have to run pillar to post for getting their names cleared from the doubtful register and it will lead to many psychological problems as well, besides economic ones.
    But, the most worrysome part is that this tool can be used for manipulation of the mass psycholgy of the people during the time of elections that can create a fear psychosis in those who do not wish to vote for a particular political ideology and might face the wrath of NRC or NPR. The laws of NRC and NPR are no way suggesting to what I have indicated above, but the practice and implementation by party in power and its bureaucracy can very well twist the whole thing. I believe that there is a strong case of making rural people aware of these laws and save them from any possible trouble.
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    Sensible Jats should starts hating Congress & its associate, i am not asking we should support BJP but check the fact and damaged done by Congress.

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