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    Webmaster(s) and Administrators, there has been a serious vandalism by a User on the content of Jatland Wiki, and it is continuing at this moment also. I cannot do anything to stop it, as I am not an admin. Do something, just do something to stop it!

    Also, since we have lost Revision History of too many pages, and the Vandalism is too serious, I suggest, if possible, that we revert all the Edits to Jatland Wiki to at a point of time to yesterday as per the advice of Burdak sir. We should ask him to have a look at the Vandalism done, and choose a time (of yesterday) to be reverted to. Is such kind of system-wise/major revert possible (reverting all edits made to JL Wiki in the last X number of hours)? We need it to save the revision Histories, and to fix the pages!

    WIKI ADMINS are requested not to delete any page, as the User has tagged some genuine pages for Deletion, and placed them under the Pages for Deletion category. I will look into this, and separate the good from the bad, and properly list the pages which should be deleted (and which should not be deleted).

    In the meanwhile, can someone block User:OGJatt ?

    We need to have an editing policy, but we can discuss it later. Now, we need to fix JL Wiki.

    Best regards!
    The truth is, family can be more than just those with whom we share blood. We can choose. — Klaus Mikaelson

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    Anyone wishing to Vandalise our articles can only do 2 things, just 2 things!

    Either they can remove content from the pages, or move the pages.

    If they remove the content, it is not at all a serious problem. By using rollback, we can fix any article in the less than 5 seconds. This is not too bad.

    The serious thing is that, at present, anyone can "move" the pages. That is something serious. While restoring the content, we are loosing the Revision History of the pages. And, we have to give time to fix the pages, once they are moved, specially when there are conflicting Edits, making it tricky to separate the good from the bad.

    I propose that the right to "move" the pages be specially reserved for the Wiki Admins only, i.e. Burdak sir, Deswal sir, Didel sir.

    As far as the removal of content is concerned, I will keep restoring it. That's something I can take care of. If the Edits are too many, then we can use "rollback" and fix it all in less than 5 seconds.

    We have to do something about the "move" situation.

    Best regards!
    The truth is, family can be more than just those with whom we share blood. We can choose. — Klaus Mikaelson

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    For the time being I have blocked members who edited recently. It will prevent further vandalism. Admins on Jatland have to make a careful scrutiny of the new members. Some members with Sharma and Rajput surnames had also registered. It is serious. Admins have to take steps urgently against such members. Regards,
    Laxman Burdak

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    @lrburdak sir, please see your wiki talk page.
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    Dear sir, if possible, kindly reserve the right to "move" pages for Wiki Moderators only (you, Deswal sir, Didel sir). We, the users, can always come to your talk pages to request you moderators to "move" a page to a new main namespace, with a justified explanation, if and when necessary.

    Best regards!
    The truth is, family can be more than just those with whom we share blood. We can choose. — Klaus Mikaelson

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    Can I ask for temporarily admin rights on JL Wiki?
    Choudhary Ashok of House Todawat

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    Admin rights are given by Jatland Forum Admins. I have requested him. Regards,
    Laxman Burdak

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    Ashokji You are wiki moderator now congratulations

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    Thank you sir.
    Choudhary Ashok of House Todawat

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    strongly agree sir
    "wait n watch"

    Dr. Jitendra bagria

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