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Thread: Breaking the ice - going multi-lingual

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    Breaking the ice - going multi-lingual

    Dear ones, Namaste!

    There is a lot of rich content on the history of the people of India in foreign languages.

    This great work of eminent and reputable scholars should not be overlooked.

    Besides speaking Hindi and English, I speak a few Slavic languages also.

    It started as a hobby... then became a need to run my very small business! But, thinking why not use this knowledge to add content on Wiki, I have just started to add content by translating the works of eminent and reputed scholars to Wiki.

    Without a doubt, works of scholars in the English language is highly valuable to build content on Wiki, but it is definitely not all that is available.

    We must show regard to, and honour the works published in other languages.

    Even our current Prime Minster, Mr. Modi, once said, "Today the world has changed. We have a multi-polar world today. Every country in the world is interdependent and interconnected. The manner in which the world was viewed three to four decades back has changed. We will have to change our thinking."

    So, in coming weeks, I would dedicate more time to add some valuable content to Wiki (by translating it in the English language).

    We have some members who live outside of India, and some of them should be good with one or more foreign languages. I invite such members to devote some time for developing content on Wiki.

    With respect and best regards!
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    It will be a good contribution to Wiki section. Keep it up!
    Laxman Burdak

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