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Thread: Ghirth bahti chang - Himachal

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    Ghirth bahti chang - Himachal

    What is the history of ghirth chaudhary Himachal Pradesh ?

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    I have found this information on jatland.
    Even I have found that our sub caste(clans) under main gotra and named after the villages which are in madhyapradesh or Rajasthan .

    our main gotras are Kaundal, Bhardwaj, chaba,Bhattu,badiyal, redu, Chhora,Pathari

    under these we have subclans like

    khangar - khangar jats mentioned in jatland
    kaundal/kundarwal- ghar kundar fort - jatland
    bhadu - gotra jatland
    Mond - gotra of jats
    sain - gotra of jats
    badjatya- gotra of jats
    Panyari - name of village in madhyapradesh
    bagh - baga/ bagh village in madhyapradesh
    Bile - bila village Damoh madhyapradesh
    Bhut - Bhut village madhyapradesh (Bhut gotra of jats(Wikipedia)
    badiyar gotra - Ujjain king (jatland )
    nila - jat gotra(jatland)
    nyol - jat gotra (jatland)
    syal -jat gotra (jatland)
    all gotra which I have mentioned have village in southern Rajasthan (Churu, Sikar) and madhyapradesh (Dhar , ratlam ,Tikamgarh , mandsur etc )

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