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Thread: International Jat Diwas 13 April

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    International Jat Diwas 13 April

    Light a lamp at 8 PM on 13 th April in the name Jat Community.

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    Bro do you know the reason why is 13 april a jat day?

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    Nowadays, Jats are more aware of what Modi had in dinner than knowing about their history and identity. Jats must be waiting for new Lockdown task that "Pradhan Sevak" aka Bigg Boss gonna announce in a day or two.

    We can lit the candle only if task is announced with "Mitron" salutation.

    PS:Nasal tone is must while pronouncing "Mitron".

    RIP International Jat Diwas.
    I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but no sense of humor.

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    To Ayush

    That's true, even most of Jat pages on social sites have become BJP propaganda pages, they keep sharing posts of Hindu Muslim conflict. Yesterday a man Ravi Hooda has been charged for spreading communal hatred in Caneda. He has been sacked from his job and it is mentioned in news reports that he can be deported soon.
    The day we stop learning is the day we stop living.

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