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Thread: Which is the biggest Jat gotra in Haryana DAHIYA or MALIK

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    Which is the biggest Jat gotra in Haryana DAHIYA or MALIK

    Biggest Jat gotra

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    Welcome to new member, Robin Dahiya.

    By the way, this very topic was discussed long ago (in 2008) when so many members had responded. Now-a-days, many members do not come up for discussion as they are so busy with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

    The 2008 version can be read on the following link -

    तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

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    When qutubdin Aibak defeated the Malik jats under jatwan Malik, the core section of Malik jats moved to gohana. Their leader was ahulana singh malik ( son of jatwan malik). And one part of malik jats moved to western up.

    For dahiyas ,they came into three migratory waves ,first one was when one dahiya general of salakpal tomar married the tomar princess and got some land near present day sec-14 sonepat.
    The second migration was under raja sehajrao dahiya ,who moved towards delhi ,after the dall of dahiya rulers of nagaur ,here he married tomar princess and got huge estate in north delhi and southern sonepat.
    The last migrations came from those dahiya villages ,who were there in delhi and later on uprooted by delhi sultanate, now they are settled near auchandi border .
    Some dahiya jats also became sikhs and well known rupnagar zaildari of 68 villages belonged to sir amar singh dahiya.

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