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Thread: Kisan Movement - Without able leadership & Prioritisation of Farmers Problem

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    Kisan Movement - Without able leadership & Prioritisation of Farmers Problem

    Initially ongoing Kisan movement was considered as a well organised and properly strategised movement but now, from my perspective it can be viewed as highly unorganised and being led by poorly informed people. The existing leadership could have included many demands which farmers face on daily basis - i) Increase in Interest subvention from 3 lak to 5 lakh on KCC, ii). Enhancement of interest subvention from 3 to 5 %, iii) Reducing crop insurance premium on commercial crops, iv) Defining farmers classification on Statewise basis (43% Large farmers are found in Rajasthan as per 2015-16 land holding),v) Private banks are not giving interest subvention on KCC, vi) Updation of land records, viii) Implementation of AH/Horticulture related schemes for rural youth, ix). FPO promotion by PACS/FPOs, x).FPO promotion in each Gram Panchayat ( as Gram Panchayat is having minimum 1000 farmer families), and so on ----------- No of demands on region specific basis could have been included besides the 3 farm laws. But poor awareness and coordination these problems were not prioritised which raise the doubts on the ability of existing leadership.

    Why the following demand are not included in the movement ?
    i).Presently MSP procurement in Punjab and Haryana happens through APMC by engaging Commission agent whereas in MP the Wheat procurement in MP happens through Primary Agril Credit Society(PACS). PACS is a farmers organisation. Last year MP was the largest wheat contributor in Central Pool ( 129 Lakh MT). Land record s of every farmer is verified before procurement and DBT faciity is given to farmers. Ongoing TV debate on land records with respect to Punjab is useless. So, Demand of farmers' movement should be that the procurement should happen through PACS in Punjab & Haryana rather than through APMC. This demand is not there which raise the doubt on this movement.
    ii). AT, APMC, the MSP should be used as a base price for auction in Mandi. This demand is also not there. Kindly see the Deptt of Food Civil Supply, Govt of India data on procurement being made by various states during last 5 years and you would be able to know the reason of this movement only on 3 laws. Regards

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    Why FPO Formation ?

    The most efficient marketing channel for agril commodities is Producer to consumer. Hence, Farmers Producer Organisation (FPOs) needs to be promoted and presently a target of 10000 FPOs is kept upto 2024. Farmers organisation should promote this concept in Kisan Movement.

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    Nothing Hidden in Contract Farming Act

    FARMING AGREEMENT : A farmer may enter into a written farming agreement in respect of any farming produce .
    The minimum period of the farming agreement shall be for one crop season or one production cycle of livestock, as the case may be, and the maximum period shall be five years: ( Farmers may go for agreement of one crop season also)
    The parties entering into a farming agreement may identify and require as a condition for the performance of such agreement compliance with mutually acceptable quality, grade and standards of a farming produce.
    The price to be paid for the purchase of a farming produce may be determined and mentioned in the farming agreement itself.
    The Sponsor may, before accepting the delivery of any farming produce, inspect the quality or any other feature of such produce as specified in the farming agreement, otherwise, he shall be deemed to have inspected the produce and shall have no right to retract from acceptance of such produce at the time of its delivery or thereafter.
    The Sponsor shall,—(a) where the farming agreement relates to seed production, make payment of not less than two-third of agreed amount at the time of delivery and the remaining amount after due certification, but not later than thirty days of delivery; ( rumour is being spread among farmers that no payment will be made to farmers}.
    Where a farming agreement has been entered into in respect of any farming produce under this Act, such produce shall be exempt from the application of any State Act, by whatever name called, established for the purpose of regulation of sale and purchase of such farming produce. (State regulation on mobility of commodity will not be in practice)
    Notwithstanding anything contained in the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 or in any control order issued thereunder or in any other law for the time being in force, any obligation related to stock limit shall not be applicable to such quantities of farming produce as are purchased under a farming agreement entered into in accordance with the provisions of this Act.( Through contract farming any quantity of produce can be produced which will be exempted from ECA 1955)
    No farming agreement shall be entered into for the purpose of— (a) any transfer, including sale, lease and mortgage of the land or premises of the farmer; or (b) raising any permanent structure or making any modification on the land or premises of the farmer, unless the Sponsor agrees to remove such structure or to restore the land to its original condition, at his cost, on the conclusion of the agreement or expiry of the agreement period, as the case may be:
    A farming agreement may be linked with insurance or credit instrument under any scheme of the Central Government or the State Government or any financial service provider to ensure risk mitigation and flow of credit to farmer or Sponsor or both. ( Farmers may take the benefit of Govt sponsored shemes on cluster basis which is an added adventage)
    Save as otherwise provided in this Act, an aggregator or farm service provider may become a party to the farming agreement and in such case, the role and services of such aggregator or farm service provider shall be explicitly mentioned in such farming agreement. ( If farmers have any doubt, in that case FPOs can be promoted and FPO can sign on behalf of farmers)
    Explanation.—For the purposes of this section, (i) "aggregator" means any person, including a Farmer Producer Organisation, who acts as an intermediary between a farmer or a group of farmers and a Sponsor and provides aggregation related services to both farmers and Sponsor;(ii) "farm service provider" means any person who provides farm services.
    At any time after entering into a farming agreement, the parties to such agreement may, with mutual consent, alter or terminate such agreement for any reasonable cause.
    12. (1) A State Government may notify a Registration Authority to provide for electronic registry for that State that provides facilitative framework for registration of farming agreements.
    DISPUTE SETTLEMENT : 13. (1) Every farming agreement shall explicitly provide for a conciliation process and formation of a conciliation board consisting of representatives of parties to the agreement: Provided that representation of parties in such conciliation board shall be fair and balanced. ( In Conciliation Board, Farmers representative or FPO representative may be increased).

    The above clauses are clear and need to be explained to common farmer.

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    The farmersí produce trade and commerce (promotion and facilitation) act, 2020

    [An Act to provide for the creation of an ecosystem where the farmers and traders enjoy the freedom of choice relating to sale and purchase of farmersí produce which facilitates remunerative prices through competitive alternative trading channels; to promote efficient, transparent and barrier-free inter-State and intra-State trade and commerce of farmersí produce outside the physical premises of markets or deemed markets notified under various State agricultural produce market legislations; to provide a facilitative framework for electronic trading and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. processing, manufacturing, export, consumption or for such other purpose. (Where Adani & Ambaniís have been favoured. Act is just providing equal opportunities for small & big traders. In Agriculture commonities, the small traders are more dominant because of there proximity with farmers)- Any farmer or trader or electronic trading and transaction platform shall have the freedom to carry on the inter-State or intra-State trade and commerce in farmersí produce in a trade area.( Opportunities : Rural youth can promote Farmersí Group or FPOs and take benefit of e-trading)
    - The Central Government may, if it is of the opinion that it is necessary and expedient in the public interest so to do, prescribe a system for electronic registration for a trader, modalities of trade transaction and mode of payment of the scheduled farmersí produce in a trade area.
    - Every trader who transacts with farmers shall make payment for the traded scheduled farmersí produce on the same day or within the maximum three working days if procedurally so required subject to the condition that the receipt of delivery mentioning the due payment amount shall be given to the farmer on the same day. ( Farmer is being underestimated by the Kisan Unions as anyone can befool him)
    - Any person (other than individual), having a permanent account number allotted under the Income-tax Act, 1961or such other document as may be notified by the Central Government or any farmer producer organisation or agricultural co-operative society may establish and operate an electronic trading and transaction platform for facilitating inter-State or intra-State trade and commerce of scheduled farmersí produce in a trade area:
    -No market fee or cess or levy, by whatever name called, under any State APMC Act or any other State law, shall be levied on any farmer or trader or electronic trading and transaction platform for trade and commerce in scheduled farmersí produce in a trade area ( Reduced market fee/no commission agent charges will lower the inflation for consumers).

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    Migrated rural youth has proved that transportation sector is remunerative and provides employment and income opportunities. These youth have better networking in different cities and they can be better conduit for Inter State mobility of commodities and for this a proper farmer's trader portal can be initiated. Existing ACT can be properly understood and benefits can be taken up by guiding rural youth.

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