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Thread: Joining back Jatland site after 16 years

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    Unfortunately not many people are here to welcome you...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AryanPoonia View Post
    Unfortunately not many people are here to welcome you...
    Ab vo pehli wali baat nahi rahi jab Chaupal me 8-10 hamesha rehte the or ek dusre ki tang khichte the.
    alag he maza aata tha.
    Ab sab apni apni life me busy ho gaye hain.



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    Quote Originally Posted by vikasJAT View Post
    Ab vo pehli wali baat nahi rahi jab Chaupal me 8-10 hamesha rehte the or ek dusre ki tang khichte the.
    alag he maza aata tha.
    Ab sab apni apni life me busy ho gaye hain.
    पहले जैसी बात तो अब किसी भी चीज़ में ना रही। ना घूमने में, ना लोगों से मिलने में, ना स्कूल में, ना ही कॉलेज में, ना दिल्ली की सर्दी में, ना सावन की बारिश में। बदलाव ही समय है। जो बीत गया वो फिर ना आएगा। जो नया है वही हक़ीक़त है। जाटलैंड भी बदल गया। इस नए जाटलैंड को जीवंत बनाओ।
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    जाटलैंड फोरम में सदस्यों की कम रुचि इस कारण है कि वे अब facebook, twitter आदि पर ज्यादा समय बिताते हैं। परन्तु Jatland Wiki को अब देखोगे तो एक नया रूप पाओगे। यहाँ का डाटाबेस काफी बढ़ चुका है - चाहे गावों और गौत्रों की जानकारी लेनी हो, चाहे जाट इतिहास आदि की। इसके पेज नियमित रूप से update हो रहे हैं।

    मैंने कई बार यह देखा है कि youtube पर बहुत से वीडियो, जो जाट इतिहास और मुस्लिमकालीन इतिहास पर बनाये गये हैं, उनमें जाटलैंड विकि का उल्लेख किया जाता है। कई और वेबसाइट पर भी बहुत सी सामग्री पाई जाती है जो Jatland Wiki से कापी-पेस्ट करके वहाँ डाली गई है।

    तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

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    Social media team of ĎJatlandí is need of the hour

    It needs to be handed over to younger generation. A dedicated social media team to be formed, all team members/leaders to work from home and contribute like AAP team, but on voluntary basis. Digital marketing team to spread the messages on Social Media.
    JatLand on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, FB, Messenger, Telegram etc all platforms including WordPress like blog sites too.
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    Yes Sir, A lot of data have been updated on JL wiki and JL wiki is referred at various places now.

    But Forum is out now. I think golden period of JL was from 2002 to 2011/12. I still remember the no of posts, and afra tafri in chuapal, in that era. Whatsapp seems to be the main reason. Wahatapp was launched in 2009 , but came in main stream in 2012/13 only. After that JL is almost died. I dont think , it can be revived again.
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    Small was beginning of JatLand. Again it can grow to even bigger size.

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    Kit doob gaya tha.

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    Welcome back brother. Let us make a watsapp group and discuss at a decided time how to renew this platform.

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    I am running the LinkedIn page of Jatland wiki -

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    I am also back after a long time. As Deswal saab has aptly written, now the people are busy on FB, Twitter etc and hardly have anytime for JL.
    I joined this forum way back in 2008 then remained active for 03 years but my engagements forced me to attend other works for livelihood.\

    Will try to visit more frequently
    "Similia Similibus Curentur"

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    In order to revive the JL, I think admin of this site should send periodic reminders to registered members. When people have audacity to get indulge with trolls on social media then there should not be any issue with involving in far better threads posted about the community on this site.

    The concern I see, if you have a point of view, you look for approval from others. That usually happens on social media. No matter how badly you put forward your views on social platforms, youíll get some likes. Itís really hard to get away from such attention. Thatís the reason people are stick to the social media despite knowing the fact that they hardly add any value to community related discussion.

    Tagging someone who writes anything about Muslims as a andhbhakt or chaddidhari or If youíre against jingoism or communalism then youíre a Librandu or Khangressi, It actually closes the door for any meaningful discussion.

    When people are unable to put aside their affection or hatred towards a particular religion, community or a political party then it becomes difficult to see the reality beyond politically coloured vision.
    Some people may find themselves misfits in such discussion, thatís why we see low participation of forum members.
    The purpose of having a community specific portal gets dissolved when its members start pushing their political agenda on others and that to the extent of trolling other Jat members. This is painful. And we see members refrain themselves from posting anything here. That eventually contributes in disengagement in forum discussion.

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