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Thread: Call for Unity

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    Call for Unity

    I am part of a small group which is working for Delhi Dehaat (Delhi Villages) for our rights. Kindly contact to join the group. Email id-

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    Are you Jat? Elaborate a little about the cause. What kind of rights are you talking about ?

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    Yes , I come from a village in Delhi called Devli nearby Mehrauli. You can see this link - . you can also see Delhi Dehat Sangathan twitter account - . There you can what issues we are tackling. it varies from Lal Dora , Land pooling and green development policy to even identity crisis the village of Delhi are going through because of how they are treating us .

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    Brother, I think this platform must be used for raising Jat issues. How old are you?

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    Jat issues

    Delhi has around 360 villages of which more than 200 villages are dominated by Jats. In that way, we as Jats have to carry the duty to represent Delhi Dehat and its issues in front of Government bodies.

    I am 24 and a jat from a village of Delhi.
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