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    Namaste friends,

    Visited Jatland today to find out about ways & means of contributing financially to the honorable and just cause of farmers struggle against an autocratic government.
    Even though our brothers and sisters in the villages are absolutely doing what they can to keep the struggle going, in my opinion EVERY Jat, even if not involved directly in the struggle should proactively contribute via 'tun'/'mun'/'dhun' in any which way they can. It is their moral duty and their dharma to do so.
    Don't know how the well off and 'known' Jats are contributing to the ongoing Satyagrah but I will appreciate if someone can guide me to an organization doing work of coordinating and channeling the support of community members to the actively involved members on the 'front' lines.
    This is a pivotal struggle to not let cannibalistic corporations succeed in their evil intentions to take away the ancestral land of honest and hard working farmers to fill their bottomless greed for vile profit. This struggle has once again brought front and center, several issues plaguing the farming community, which will have to be justly resolved.


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    great proposition !

    Every village in Haryana is contributing in this struggle, and are prepared to continue and contribute more, till it comes to a decisive end.

    Every contribution matters, therefore, would request you to contact your village cousins, family elders etc., for providing help.... that way you will actually see the result of your contribution.

    Thanks & regards,

    I am a Tiger; but unfortunately i work in a Circus.

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    Where to contribute online? How? Please provide a link so that it can be shared on social media.
    My views on farmers struggle from below links:

    Who is Ram? And how Ram is with farmers.

    India at crossing point.

    What is awareness?
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    We need to re-energise this platform by all means.
    My blessings to all who created and maintained till date. A little effort with more talented and dedicated team of content writer and social media management with meme can be good, my suggestions.
    The struggle is just begun.

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