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Thread: Antinational are sitting in Delhi Border

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    Antinational are sitting in Delhi Border

    My father owned 15 Bigha land, i never saw him selling crop on MSP, Yes he has to sell wheats to one of AAdati, now his son used to do business, This AADTI material all goes to MSP.
    Who is eating our share, answer is clear those are sitting in Delhi border, Yes True answer.
    In 1988/89 i went to Meerut in Baba Tikait, but his son is doing all antinational activities, defaming name of our cast.
    Tikait boycott is must to protect JAT pride.
    Jai Hind.

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    Headless Movement

    Leaders and experts of the movement are not equipped with following information ;
    - Major ongoing problems of the farmers such as KCC limits & Charges, Interest Subvention, Crop Insurance & threshold yield, Input supplies, Govt Schemes, etc.
    - Not aware about impact of existing ACts on clausewise basis - As arrival in APMCs v/s production of commodities, existing marketing channels of various commodities, etc.
    - Procurement System (in case of MSP) exist in different states
    - Requirement of Central Pool and Commodities to be covered for PDS ( Bajra, Jowar, Maize can be included under PDS)
    - So many local issues of farmers electricity charges, irrigation facilities, etc can be listed out for negotiation.

    Keeping above in view, it seems that genuine demand of farmers are not included in agitation and Adani & Ambani are highlighted like Antilia Case in Mumbai for another motive behind the scene by involving poorly informed farmers.

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