I have noticed that the major issue in Farmers’ family is unemployed rural youth. Neither he engages himself in agriculture nor he makes any effort for skill improvement. In addition to this, he is having regular recurring expenditure on Mobile recharge, Petrol for bike, etc. which leads to Farmers’ distress. In such situation, these rural youth needs to be guided properly and ongoing Central/ State Govt schemes can play an important role. Some schemes are mentioned here ;

  • Agri Processing Policy ( 50% subsidy is available for farmers for warehouse, cold storage, pulse mill/ oil seed mill, cattle feed, grading, Packaging, etc.) - Govt of Rajasthan ( Can be visited RSAMB website)
  • Commercial Horticulture of NHB
  • New Agril Marketingg Infrastructure Scheme- 25% Subsidy (Routed through NABARD)
  • Agri Clinic Agri Business Centre(ACABC) - 36% Subsidy (Agril Graduates.Diploma Holders upto Rs. 20 lakh Project)
  • Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme of KVIC - 25% subsidy

Likewise so many ongoing schemes are available but rural youth are ignorant

Action Required : A Sub forum for These schemes can be created at Jatland forum and successful stories to motivate and guide the rural youth would help in creation of self employment.
Positive Comments - I expect only positive comments as Negative comment will demotivate the rural youth. Regards to All