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Thread: जाट योद्धा वाह्टअप ग्रुप

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    Lightbulb जाट योद्धा वाह्टअप ग्रुप

    ग्रुप में शामिल होने के लिए मैसेज करे9772049636

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    All Jat folks are requested to kindly refer to this page on Wikipedia: This page has so many inaccuracies and is clearly dedicated to bring disrepute to Jats. We Jats are living in the bliss of ignorance. To protect our legacy, we need to be vigilant on all forums and especially on something like Wikipedia which is a common source of information. All Jat brothers and sisters having interest and education in history are hereby exhorted to come forth and re-edit content with correct Jat History beginning with our origins in Scythia to present day. Jats played a major role in ancient history which has been swept under the carpet by Modern Indian Historians. We need to dig it up and bring it forth in public domain. Our website is doing a stellar job in unearthing and publishing real Jat history but that is not being updated on sites like Wikipedia which are a common reference for people nowadays. Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone. However, one also has to provide sources and references of edited information.

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