The enemy Lalas that greeted our Jatt Qom Pillar Ch. Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jatt with black armbands are today in their grips and suffer infights - 1947 Partition of India when Jatts killed their own tribal Jatts people, a DAY OF GREAT REGRETS. THE DIRTY-HEARTED BRITISH IGNITED THE SECTARIAN CIVIL WAR IN INDIA?The British left India in 1947 but with a very dirty conscience. We Indians of the farming marshal tribes Jatt, Gujjar, Pathan, Arian, Saini, etc., the once-born simpletons served the British faithfully and made them win the two world wars but they colluded with the twice-born shrewd people of business tribes and hypocritically divided our Jatt tribal homeland, Punjab plunging us into the sectarian civil war that could have been avoided. This is how they ignited this civil war:-Living Islam of Living Allah is of the ?Al-Kitab? that gets written over your own heart through "Logical Reasoning" by the Grace of our Supernatural Father of our supernatural ?Soul? Al-Ilah = Allah. No son of your tribal father, Qom, "Ilah" no son of Supernatural Father Allah.Only ?fools? will believe in me and not in Allah.ASK, SEEK AND KNOCK.REAL SHARIAH-FREE ISLAM OF ALLAH - NOORIN HONOUR OF ROYAL SHAH SHAMS TABRIZI.HUKUM RAZIAN CHALNA; NANAK LIKHYA NAAL.Sants of the Fourth Panth = Millatt are ?Dass? and the Khalsas of the Third Panth are of the ?Singh? surnames, Gotras. And Nanak was the Second Coming of Jesus, the ?Christ = Satguru? and not a Brahmin ?Guru?. The greedy Khatris messed up the devotees so much that they did not know the First and the Second Panths. For the full article, visit:- Islam is the knowledge of our spiritual Father Allah (Pakka Peo) for the twice-born "Seekers" of age who are faithful and have the knowledge.....ENJOY YOUR EVERY DAY BY UNITING OUR JATTS.MAKE THIS POST VIRAL AMONG OUR JATTS.SHAME ON OUR EDUCATED JATTS, THEY CAN?T UNITE US.IN 1947, OUR JATTS WERE NOT EDUCATED.LATTON KAE BHOOTT BATTON SAE NAHI MANTTAE.SEND THIS POSTER TO YOUR FRIENDS/RELATIVES ESPECIALLY AT THE BORDER VILLAGES OR BETTER YOU VISIT THEM.PAGRRI SANBHAAL JATTA ALLAH ?NOOR? OPAYIA; KUDRATT (KHUDA) DAE SABHH BANDAE.AIK ?NOOR? TAE SABHH JAGG OPJAEYA; KAUN BHALLAE KAUN MANDAE.INSHALLAH ISLAM IS SHARIAH-FREE WHILST THAT OF INSHMULLAH OF SATAN AL-DJMAR AL-AKSA IS FULL OF SHARIAH.FIND ME A ?MULLAH?, WHO KNOWS WHY ALLAH IS CALLED ?ALLAH??ENTER THE FOLD OF AL-RAHIM ALLAH = RAM RAJAYE;SATAN CAN NOT HARM YOU AND YOU LIVE IN BLISS (ANAND).FOR THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE HEEYA OF YOUR TRIBAL FATHER ?ILAH? = NISAFF EEMAN ANDBE TRUTHFUL, CONTENTED (HAQ HALLAL) AND MERCIFUL = FULL EEMAN = MUSSALLMAN = GURMUKH SIKH. - Ch. Saddam Hussein Khokhar was a Jatt of the same Calibre as our Ch. Chhotu Ram Ohlyan Jat THESE JATT UNITY BANNERS MADE AND DISPLAY THEM AT THE BORDERS TO MELT AWAY THE BORDERLINE DIVIDING OUR JATTS.Banners of our Jatt greedy Khatris? Youtube videos; channel Punjab Siyan:- - No son of Brahma, a Hindu, no son of Parbrahm, a Sikh but Shankar Varniyia Super ******* Fanatic Devil, a TERRORIST. Namdev Ji:- Hindu is spiritually blind, Munn Mukh Sikh, Turkoo, is very crafty whilst Gurmukh Sikh, Giani, is sealed to serve God wiser than both. more on my website:- QOM, JAATI, KABEELA, ILAH, VAGAERA ?SIRF JATT? HAE AUR MAZHAB AIK KAMEEZ KI TAREH/NEAYAN HAE. MAZHAB BADLA JAA SKTA HAE LAIKANN HAMARI JATT QOM NAHI BADLI JAA SAKTI.WE JATTS ARE WELL KNOWN FOR STUPIDITY - MOORAKHHTAEE:- JAATTRRA SAE KAATRRA; APNA HI GHAR GHALLAE SAE..My ebook by Kindle. ASIN: B01AVLC9WOPrivate Bitter Gospel Truth videos:- helper to finish my Books:- ONE GOD ONE in PunjabiKAKHH OHLAE LAKHH:- informative Channel:- Punjab Siyan.John's