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Thread: i'm not able to login for chat

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    i'm not able to login for chat

    dear friends

    everything is working fine except chat thing .
    would anyone help me why i don't reach chat room even after feeding my login name and password repeatedly?
    with warm regards

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    Hi Mughda

    The best approach in such situations is to delete all cookies and log into the member area again. Chat automatically logs everyone in based on the cookie info from the member area login.

    Another possible problem is the way the browser caches pages. This problem can go away if you refresh the page.

    Hope you are not experiencing the problem now.


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    dear nitin

    thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
    i'd tried to change the security settings and brought them to minimum still it didn't work.
    exactly how cookies are removed i don't know.
    so if you could explain ,i'ld do it.
    the second option of refreshing the page is also not giving any results.

    with warm regards

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    Goto Tools menu-> internet options -> u'll find 'delete cookies' option under the 'General' tab.

    Before refreshing the page, remove cache by deleting all temperary internet file using 'delete files' option under the same tab. Also dont forget to clear history as well if the problem persists.

    Good luck,

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