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Thread: Participation on Jatland

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    Participation on Jatland

    Since last couple of months, I've noticed a couple of things about participation of members:
    - member's participation on Jatland has decreased a lot.
    - The total no. of members are increasing but, from my viewpoint, posts per member is decreasing.
    - New members are posting more but the older ones, I think, don't like to post anymore.
    - No of posts from girls --> 0
    - One thing very positive, that there are not much 'sangraams' on Jatland..not beacuse of the better understanding but due to lack of interesting posts.

    I hope everyone agrees with me??
    Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.

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    Wohi purane jokes repeat ho rahe hain baar baar.
    Interesting posts are few and far inbetween.
    Lagta hai "sangraam" mein kafi log ghayal ho gaye hain. Baaki thak gaye. Recovery mein time lagega.
    Aise nayi sena jutni shuru ho gayi hai. Naya sangram kabhi bhi chidd sakne ki ashanka hai.

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    can i laugh??? Sorry i can not stop myself. ahahahahahhahahahaha

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    yes even I noticed this. This happens...Fatigue gets into some times...I am sure people will recover...Best will be send emails to all the active members, asking them what is the reason of this inactivity....may be we invite Mallika Sehrwat and few more who can attract the BHEED....after all political parties also depend on them these days to attract crowd....Kyoon Bhaiyo...???...hahahah
    so send invitation to Hema Malini, Mallika Sehrawat, Dharmendra...and all jats faces who draw some crowds....may be even Chautala ji, Ajit Singh....fir dekhna kiya maja aata hai jatland par.....members sara kam chor kar Jatland par baitha karenge....


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