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    Ashwini Chauhdary's Dhoop

    After National Awards winning Haryanvi Feature Film 'Laado', Ashwini Chaudhary started his next Hindi Feature film 'Dhoop' - Starring Om Puri, Revahti, Sanjay Suri, Yashpal Sharma, Gopi Desai and other senior actors from Mumbai. Former Miss India Gul Panag is also introduced in 'Dhoop'.

    Based on the struggle of Kargil Martyr Mahavir Chakra Captain Anuj Nayyar's (Jat Regiment) Parents the film is written by Kumud Chaudhary. Music is by Lalit Sen (Who also scored music for Laado), lyrics by Nida Fazli and songs are sung by Jagjeet Singh, Hariharan, Asha Bhonsle, Abida Parveen and others. The film is produced by Parth Arora and Saket Behal. Shooting of the film is now on in Delhi and Mumbai. 'Dhoop' will be released in July.
    Dhoop is a post-Kargil drama - the story of the parents of this young Captain who lays down his life in the war. Inspired by a real life story, not your typical war-film, Dhoop is more about the war within. What happens after the guns and mortars fall silent on the borders, after territories have been won and claims settled? After the dust has settled over the dead bodies of the once spirited dead soldiers?
    It's then that one comes to the twilight zone - the heat of the after math The 'Dhoop' that can be harsh yet turns into a warm cocoon after the last snow flakes over the mountain peaks have melted away.

    Dhoop is about the trial of martyr's father - how along with his grieving wife, wages a war against the demons of callousness and apathy of the system. It is a tough battle, but he's got to it 'coz the stakes are too high. His dashing son worshipped the ground he walked on - this father can't let the dead son lose.
    Dhoop is all about this emotional interplay of bonding, of attachment and insensitivity, of greed and sacrifice.

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    Good job Ashwini.

    Information for upcomming film 'Dhoop' is also available on

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    Looking forward to it .
    Good luck with Dhoop .

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    Ashwini Bhai,

    grate,do keep it up. we all on jatland pray to almighty for a grand success for dhoop and we are sure it will come as one of the rare film in indian film industory.

    with best wishes


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    Best wishes

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    very good & inspiratory job, ashwini ji,

    keep it up,
    good luck always,

    love is life, love & be loved

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    good luck keep it up.....

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    ya dr poonia.. mr. ashwini assisted Prakash jha in gangajal . laado is a very nice movie as its based on an educated woman married to a to a feudal household and how she breaks free from the chains.. its a fight against society for rights . paani aali paani piyaadey is a sizziling song of laado.waitin for a movie after dhoop.
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    I will download the movie from the internet once it is released.


    Just kidding Ashwani yaar. I live in the middle of nowhere. I will try my best to watch it the legitimate way. Just for you yaar. Keep up the hard work.

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    Great Job Ashwini Ji!!!!!

    Dhoop has been made with such an intellect that it has brought out human emotions showing strength even in the time of crisis with suberb vigour.....wonderful picturisation........EXTREMELY GOOD .......WORTH WATCHING!!!!!
    Anything anyone else can do, you can do better!!

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    Smile Nice Job Ashwini bhaisahab

    Congrats Ashwini ji

    Wish you good luck for the future.

    Warm regards
    vipin rathee

    Jai JAT

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