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    Delhi University - Jats

    Hi all

    I am raising avery interesting topic , a part of which has been disscussed previously as well. The topic of jats fighting among themselves.
    I did my graduation form Aubindo College , Delhi University. Incidently whne i Joined college at that time from Peon to principle most of the staff was jat. So much so that in many colleages of Delhi University You will find many jats from students, to peons, to librarians to principles.
    Over the period of time with my own understanding and survey i found out following about Delhi University
    1. Jats range from All departments - students, peons, teachers, principle
    2. Out of approx 140 students election posts in all colleges in Delhi atleast 60% elected are jats
    3. Maximum number of candidates contesting Teacher & student elections are jats ( 40% )
    4. Jats are the one of the communities who eat into each others votes and are the major ones to indulge in violence during elections.

    Keeping in mind the above once gain Ill like to stress that we should not fight among ourselves, and rise above small differences.
    Rohit Guliya - Jat's the way i like it

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    That is a very tall order indeed and pray it happens one day. Do you know the reason ?

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