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Thread: Communal riots in Gujrat: A threat to Democracy

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    Communal riots in Gujrat: A threat to Democracy

    Bhaiyo Raam Raam!
    Here it happens again and this time in a different way. The rising tension between Hindus and Muslims again seems to turn into terrorism. Leaders say that the minority castes in India are again in danger. I ask the selfstyled leaders why they(minority) always start this. Everybody in India has the right of equality and freedom but it doesn't mean they can take wrong advantage. All of you know the train incident in Godhra, don't you think it was preplanned? It was! Retaliation in communal riots is spontaneous as there is no way out. And saying more specifically, the leaders who are boasting of condemning this act and calling themselves the 'RAKHWALA' of minority communities had initiated this. It's not the case that a handful of Mohalla Muslims after getting together can burn a train full of Hindus or a group of Hindu activists can bring down the mosque. I've never seen this or heard of this but I've experienced political leaders who pose as the "Actors in Democracy" are the main culprit. They are hidden catalyst who always play role from the background. These caretakers of Democracy are making the nation weak in the legs and I can imagine the days if all this continued for long, our India will not be better than Pakistan where usurping to power is not in the hands of people.
    Need is to broaden the minds!
    Need is to think for the nation!
    Need is to make a society/culture not the hate!

    I don't think there will again be some Mahatma Gandhi to rescue us from these evils.
    We'll have to do it! We'll have to identify each leader or preacher before handing over the powers.
    I can imagine the peace in the streets where Muslims and Hindu kids are playing together.

    Jai Hind!
    Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.

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    It proves once again that we all are residing within ourselves with an animal - much stronger & inconvincable...All it needs to play his inhuman games is darkness of inhumanity and religious convictions/prejudices. Just keep the eyes shut from yourself & the Animal takes over you....

    Man has lost his respect to himself but tries to keep his moral face polished. He doesn't know with whom to identify with and seeks ayslum for his barbarous, uncivilized, violent acts behind his religious beliefs & causes. And it becomes a very fabric of our so called human, civilized social structure. Its a mass phenomenon. And once you identify with a mass, you can shed away your responsibility very easily as onus of responsibility shifts from individual to mass, a virtual identity.

    Its time now he himself has to take his responsibility and nobody else - not even his GOD, DOGMAS & RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

    Thanks GOD - we JATS are not into this religious mess as one member rightly said that We JATS are one layer up above religion/creed.

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    And hope Jats manage to keep out of this mess. Thanks to broadmindedness of our ancestors that some of those good qualities are passed on from generation to generation and Jats are more tolerant and forgiving type.

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    Subhachand ji ramram. you got nice thought on paper but far from reality. we jats are not above board. what happen in luharu near your home village last week whole world know that, no muslim dare to return luharu again. we are better than others. but problem is there

    this is a example of truth we are talking . please do not take it personal
    Jay Jawan Jay Kisan Jay Shaheed

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    Dharam Pal jee,

    Ram Ram again. Please fill me on what hapened in Loharu ? I stand corrected if Jats have done some thing to be ashamed of. It only goes to show that no one is infallible.

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    Subha chand ji ramram again &2
    what a surprise????
    Luharu is burning & whole world know.
    there are little gujrat in kathal & luharu. 2 place of worships 10 shops . houses burnt down by 2500 or so villagers.100 0r so muslims hiding in Rajsthan.extra police force DC, SP etc saved the life of these poor helpless people. rest is unfortunate & a threat to peace, country
    Jay Jawan Jay Kisan Jay Shaheed

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    Dear Dharampal jee,

    Thanks for the info, have learnt from India also.
    It is very unfortunate and shameful event for all of us. It only shows the decline of morality.

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