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Thread: Michigan III Jat Get-Together of this year

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    Michigan III Jat Get-Together of this year

    I am pleased to share this piece of information with you that our Jat group in Michigan (Ann Arbor-Detroit area) has met twice already this year. We will have our third gathering of the year June 1. We intend to have a summer picnic as well. This group has about 15 active families.

    We should encourage these informal get-togethers in different places (US and other countries) even if they are small (say 5-10 families). I am sure eventually we will have a good network of professionals and successful people. This network will help us bring constructive changes in the society.

    Warm Regards,

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    What exactly do you guys do in the meetings?


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    Dear Tarun,
    These get-togethers are social events. This way, people get a chance to get to know one another. We meet mostly at somebody's house. The dinner is either arranged by the host family or each family brings a dish. Children also learn (to some degree) who we are and, what these families have in common.

    We enjoy these events for sure.
    Warm Wishes,

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    Hi Mr. Kumar,
    I missed the last get together of the JAT families, but surely would like to attend the next get together.
    Please let me know for the event.

    thanks and regards


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    michigan jats
    its a good to have get togethers
    i wld love to be a part of it
    do let me inform abt ur next get together
    i hope i can make

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    Hello Michigan Jats,

    Good to see that you make efforts to meet regularly. Probably you can benefit from our experience in Australia where most Jats know each other, have their phone numbers and keep in touch. Most weekends people have dinner with their select families and once in a while celebrate happy occasions like weddings (Just had one last week and it was enjoyed by a lot of Australian Jats) birth days etc. Hawans by Arya Samaj is a recurrent feature where our Prof. Bhim Dev ji and other elderly members of the community speak briefly ( because children get bored easily with long speeches) on culture which helps younger generations understand better what parents teach them at home. On the whole environment is very relaxed and friendly and we all look forward to the next get together.

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