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Thread: Next Steps ?

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    Next Steps ?

    Dear Friends,

    Looking at the evolution of, it gives me immense satisfaction to see it serving its original purpose of connecting/networking the community so well.

    However, this is also the time when we need to look ahead, and see what role we want it to play in the future... A large number of ideas are generated in the forums, and at an individual level some action is taken as well, but can we institutionalize the process? Can play a role?

    Till now has stayed away from getting involved in implementation of ideas. I would like to think that it has provided only minimal support (a forum for discussion) to individual efforts. Maybe it is time to move on to the next steps ?

    What do you think those should be ?


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    I can suggest you something but I dont know how far its feasible. I think it would be really good if u can make a section or something of that sort where an individual can search out for people from our comunity, in there area of residence ( in particular for US ) and can get in touch with each other if they are willing.

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    Hi Nitin,
    This is a great idea to enhance the capacity and reach of web site. I feel, we can include some of the unique features of other community web sites. I can suggest two of them for your reference. One is and another one is We can include features like finding travel companion, room mate, helping hands etc.


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    Good idea and some suggestions;
    1. is in it's infancy and does not have enough resources for taking up any projects which require large amounts of energy, time and funds.
    2. It follows from 1 above that one step at a time is the way to move forward.
    3. Maintaining present level of service, efforts should be made to increase on resources essential to expansion. Money is the first requirement and membership fee is one source of raising revenue.
    4.Once the base is strong enough to tackle the expansion can concentrate on providing services to the community some free, some on userpays basis.
    5.There is no limit to what services can be provided but essentially they will be information based.

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    I think that all the suggestions i read were realisable. Shubha Chand is right when he says that everything will require time and energy (which are hard to come by when you are trying to run a site apart from your regular job) apart from the ideas that are generated in our discussions. I propose that all of us try and get together to form a team of adhoc developers. Then we can distribute work amongst ourselves. I am sure that this can be done as many of us would be techies and the ones who are not can offer other services like proof reading etc. I know of a site,, which is being run on a similar worksharing basis by Indians living in England, US, Cyprus and India.

    Apart from this the idea that i want to share with all of you is that a new member should be asked for a small writeup about herself/himself (probably by making it a required field on the application screen). Then whenever a existing member logs in she/he can be prompted with names (along with links to their writeups) of all the new jats who have joined the forum since her/his last login. What do you all think about this??
    I put up this suggestion as i am a new member on this site and i do not know much about the other members.

    In case this needs to be implemented then i am ready to work on it with a little help from others.

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    I Agree , there must be some sort of Introduction column for all the members. There are a lot of people posting messages and will foster more kinship if everyone knows a little bit about everyone else. Maybe we can separate section for the members and whenever someone post a message, others reading it can click on the name and read the introduction.

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    hi all,

    Alongwith all feasible suggestions from other members I would like to add one more service of Carrer Guidance of which all learned seniors of our community can voluntarily take care in their respective ways.

    How does it sounds?

    Sometimes skills, knowledge & experience are only useful if the environment or situation requires them! However, we still should possess them all as we do not know,to what environment would we be subjected to, tomorrow!!!

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