Bijayagadh Stone Pillar Inscription of Vishnuvardhana

Perfection has been attained! Four centuries of years, together with the twenty-eighth (year), (or in figures) 400 (ana) 20 (ana) 8, having been accomplished; on the fifteenth lunar day of the dark fortnight of (the month) Phâlguna;-on this (lunar day), (specified) as aforesaid: -
(Line 3.)-On the ceremony of the pundarîka-sacrifice (having been performed), this sacrificial post has been caused to be set .up by the Varika, the illustrious Vishnuvarhana whose royalty and name are well established,-who is the excellent son of Yashôvardhana; (and) the excellent son’s son of Yashôrâta; (and) the excellent son of the son’s son of Vyâghrarâta, - for the purpose of increasing (his) splendour, sacrifices, religion, welfare (in the other world), prosperity, fame, family, lineage, good fortune, and enjoyment.
(L. 4.)-Let there be success! Let there be increase! Let there be tranquillity! Let there be the condition of (his) having a son who shall live! Let there be the attainment of desires that are wished for! May there be faith and wealth!

From: Fleet, John F. Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum: Inscriptions of the Early Guptas. Vol. III. Calcutta: Government of India, Central Publications Branch, 1888, 254.

The Virk Caln ruled in Malwa, and Vishnuvardhana erected this pillar to celebrate his vicotories to the North, and the Birth of a son

His decendants include Harshvardhan Virk of Kanauj, the famous Jat Emperor.

That empire was the largest nad last Pan Indian Hindu Empire.

Harshvardhan consolidated the khaps in the North in the sixth century AD, and teh sarv Khap, headquartered at Village Shoron , still surives today.

Ravi Chaudhary