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Thread: Jats in rajasthan

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    Jats in rajasthan

    Just want to know how different are jats in rajasthan compared to jats up north,culture history etc.
    And how come the jat/rajput relation is different in both the regions...

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    Every Where Jats Are Same

    hi i m rajasthan university educated jat. jats have no difference as copmare to up north. most of custom they have same.u can find same gotra in barmer and abohar(barmer is 1200km far from abohar)one interesting thing...jats of marwar belt have more lingua similarities to haryana ,punjab,up based jat as compare to local other caste.jats of rajasthan have no any relation with rajputs.jats have more influene in every politics,bussiness, agriculture. desret of thar is fully dominated by jats.even i found few jat villes in gujrat. jats of gujrat ahve many simlarities compare to haryana..punjab...rajasthan. i mentioning few villages in gujrat were jats live....RAMPURA, MOTI DHANI, NANI DHANI all these villages are near about DEESA AND PALANPURsome gotras i found there.... JAKHAR, JYANI,GODARA, LUNAYACH,TADA,SIYOL,BHARI,NAIN,etc. jats of gujrat are wealthy and landlords .for further detail u can contact me ......
    jyani-----------------JAT ON MISSION

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    thanks jyani sir for a valueable information

    Jats are in Gujrat also.hearing this i am happy. sir, can you tell in which distt in gujrat jats are living and how many?

    thanks for this information.

    Sanjeev Singh Dhaka

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    Jats In Gujrat

    nice to talk u. first thing...kya 9818122113 number aapka hi hai.
    yea banaskantha district of gujrat has jat villages. dhakas are also there.
    JAT PPULATION of these villges are near about 30000. these villages are near abou national highway 15 and 8.

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    thanks for information

    jyani ji,

    nice to talk you. my mob. no. is 9818122113. bhai Gujrat main to kam Jaat hai. Jaton ka Garh to Rajasthan hi hai.

    Sanjeev Singh Dhaka

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    jats in raj

    dear v singh ji,
    I m a jat from rajasthan (bordering haryana). I have come accross jats raj, haryana, punjab,up& mp too. I have also heared about jats in gujrat (as mentioned by Jyani Ji) and sindh (Pakistan). Regarding your query about the difference between jats of rajasthan and jats in rest of north india, as a joke my father (late) used to to say jokingly that our forefathers had come from some whever middle east and europe. After walking so long and tired some of them stayed in the desert of thar itself, rest kept moving and settled in the irrigated lands of pb, UP and haryana. But I don't think this he said as a joke, it seems to be the fact. Otherwise there is no diffrence difference between the jats of rajasthan and rest of india, subcastes, behaviour and eating habits are same.

    Ram Ram.


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    I lived in Ahmedabad for more than a year, but never knew about Jat in Gujarat. This is an interesting information. I googled and the found the following link which describes;

    "There are four groups of people who came to inhabit Gujarat at different points of time and now form the majority here. Jats came from a place in Iran called Half (to be known latter as Jat) and they were herders by occupation. Around five hundred years ago they came to Kutch and Sind in search of new grazing pastures and settled there. Those who joined agriculture called themselves Garasia Jats and those who continued their ancestral occupation were known as Dhanetah Jats, and those who chose to study the Koran became Fakirani Jats. "

    I wonder if there is some atlas which depicts the Jat popolation in units of their numbers in different states of India ? It might be worthwhile compiling such information.


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    Rajendra ji,

    Thanks for this useful information about jat history.

    Rajinder Singh

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