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Chaudhary Harish Chandra Nain

Chaudhary Harish Chandra Nain (चौधरी हरीशचन्द्र नैन) was an advocate and a social reformer born in Ganganagar district in Rajasthan. He passed his L L B in 1910 and was advocate for 36 years. He was member of Bikaner State Sabha for 12 years. He had taken great pains in running and getting subscription for 'Jat Vidyalaya Sangaria'. He did a lot of work in eradication of social evils such as child marriage, mratyubhoj, illiteracy, etc. He worked for the welfare of the farmers. [1]

Jat School Sangaria

Bahadur Singh Bhobia and Harish Chandra Nain, Ganganagar

On 9 August 1917, Chaudhary Bahadur Singh Bhobia with the help of Swami Mansanath and Thakur Gopal Singh Panniwali, opened a school named "Jat Anglo Sanskrit Middle School" in sarrafo-ki-dharmshala in Hanumangarh town in Rajasthan, India. This was later shifted to Sangaria. There was a need of funds to expand Sangaria Jat School and Hostel. Chaudhary Bahadur Singh was under great pressure of expanding work of the school. Due to excessive work of 5-6 years, his health started deteriorating. In the month of May 1924 he was on continuous tour of the desert area to collect funds for the school. He got infected with Malaria during the tour and died of Malaria on 1 June 1924.[2]

Swami Keshwanand with Harish Chandra Nain-1965

The untimely death of Chaudhary Bahadur Singh was a great setback for Jat School Sangaria. Chaudhary Harish Chandra took the help of other Sardars of the region such as Ch.Jiwan Ram, Ch. Harji Ram Malot, Ch. Sardara Ram Chautala, Ch. Har Ram Chautala, Ch. Mani Ram Sihag, Ch. Ganga Ram Dhaka, Ch. Siv Karan Singh Chautala etc. Though Chaudhary Harish Chandra was associated with Jat school Sangaria from 1918 yet after the death of Chaudhary Bahadur Singh, Chaudhary Harish Chandra Nain started to look after the School. From 1924 to 1932 he on his own run the school. After the Executive Meeting of 18 December 1932 Swami Keshwanand took over the charge of this school.[3] [4]

Association with Tara Chand

Chaudhary Harish Chandra had played a great role in the life of Tara Chand Saharan. When Tara Chand wanted to study for High School, he found that there was no High School in that area. He decided to study as a private student. But he had no money to pay for the fees. On learning about it, Chaudhary Harish Chandra gave Tara Chand Rs.25/-. Thus he enabled him to pass his High School.

After Tara Chand got job, there were a number of offers of marriage. There were proposals of dowry as well. Meanwhile the social worker and educationist from the area Chaudhary Harish Chandra Nain sent a proposal of marriage with his elder brother’s daughter Khinwani as per strict Arya Samaji system without any dowry. Tara Chand readily accepted this offer and married without accepting any dowry.

In freedom movement

In 1943 the freedom movement got strengthened in Bikaner state under Praja Parishad Bikaner, founded by Raghuvar Dayal Goyal, who organized the farmers against oppressions by the Jagirdars. Chaudhary Harish Chandra played a prominent role to organize people of the region who were associated with this organization.


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