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There are about 95,000 Jats in Himachal Pradesh, they are mainly Hindu Jats. They are about 1%(approx) of the total population of the state. Recently Jats in Himachal Pradesh got OBC status with the efforts of Mr. Harnam Singh Gill, State president of JAT KALYAN PARISHAD. He can be contacted at 01892-232283 for more information. Mostly Jats are in army or migrated to others states for work. Jats are not poltically active. There is no MLA or minister in Himachal Pradesh cabinet from Jats. Jats in Himachal Pradesh are economicaly poor than Jats in other states. They speak bholi- pharhi. Mainly Hindu jats are known by Chaudhary and Ghirth people.

Early history

The Mahabharata mentions the Janapadas in Himachal Pradesh such as Kuluta (Kullu), Trigarta (Kangra), Kulinda (Shimla hills and Sirmaur), Yugandhara (Bilaspur and Nalagarh), Gabdika (Chamba) and Audumbara (Pathankot).

Jat gotras in Himachal Pradesh

Regarding gotra generly Himachal Pradesh Jats are same gotra like in Punjab & Haryana few of them are- Kundhal, Gill, Kaundal/Kondal, Syal, Riar, Chang, Kang, Randhawa, Sandhu, Sidhu, Sahota, Bhatti, Khaire, Badal, Chawala, Kangri, Nara, Bhakal, Dhayal, Kahalon, Nanda, Bains, Dadwal, Rilach, Bagga etc.

District wise population is - Una: 20,000 Jats, Kangra: 12000


Jat Organization in Himachal Pradesh

Jats in Himachal are organised under Himachal Jat Kalyan Parishad:

  • Ishar Singh Mann, State President, Jat Kalyaan Parishad, Himachal Pradesh
  • Address: Village Valiwal (Heeran), Post Office Palkowah, Tehsil Haroli, District Una, Himachal Pradesh
  • Mobile No. 09814212563, 09814611563, 09625486744
  • E-Mail:- is.mann@yahoo.com

Distribution and Places associated with Jat History

Kangra named by a jat clan Kang


Heer Jat Villages

Villages named after Heers in Himachal are:

  • Heeran (Tehsil/Mandal:-Haroli, District Una)
  • Heera Nagar (Tehsil/Mandal:-Haroli, District Una)
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