14 January

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The famous third battle of Panipat was fought on 14 January 1761 when Maratha forces led by Sadashiv Bhau were defeated by the army of Ahmad Shah Abdali. The main reason of Maratha defeat was that Bhau did not accept valuable advice given by Maharaja Suraj Mal who, because of Bhau's indifferent attitude, decided not to participate in that battle.

Makar Sakranti

It is a coincidence that Makar Sakranti मकर सक्रान्ति, the famous festival, always falls on 14 January, because it is based on solar activity, rather than lunar calender.

On this day, the Sun takes its paths towards north (उत्तरायण दिशा). Great Bhishma breathed his last on this day, after the end of Mahabharata war.

In Punjab, this festival is called Lohri (लोहड़ी) Traditionally, people in India take holy baths at rivers, ponds and wells.


Maharaja Suraj Mal