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Location of Ajaib near Madina in Rohtak District
Ajaib (Johad)

Ajaib village is located near Madina (4kms on Delhi-Hisar Road) in tehsil Meham(12kms), district Rohtak (22kms) in Haryana.


Old people say that it was established near about 400 years ago. There was a severe draught at that time people from different places started migrating in search of water. Some one had seen an ox with mud on its body near the current location of ajaib so the followed it and found a small lake (johad) they dug wells there and started living there.

Jat Gotras

Other Castes staying here are Jat, Baniya, Pandit, Chamar, Jogi, Dhanak, Chuda, Chippi(Chimbi) or Darzi, Sanshi. There are two Panchayats in this village. Population of this village is about 5000.


There is an old Shiva temple located in this village.

Main occupation is farming.


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