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Amb (अम्ब) is a city in Una district in Himachal Pradesh.


It is situated in the Northern region of Indian Subcontinent. It is a sub-division and Tehsil of the Una district. The town was named Amb after the name of the goddess Amba, deity situated in nearby Chintpurni.

Nearby places

Chintpurni, Una district, Thaneek Pura, Nehri, Daulatpur, Mairi, Lohara, Gagret, Hoshiarpur, and the last village named Ganu towards Talwara.

Jat clans


Amb has some ancient historical ruins of royal palaces and gardens. In the year 1877, at the request of Maharaja Ranbir Singh of Jammu and Kashmir, the British government restored to Raja Ran Singh the Jagir in Jaswan, originally held by Raja Ummed Singh consisting of 21 villages in Jaswan Dun valley and the family garden at Amb, as well as palace buildings of Raja Ummed Singh at Rajpura. Raja Ran Singh died in 1892 and was succeeded by his son Raja Raghunath Singh who also died in 1918. Thereafter, Raja Laxman Singh succeeded him. His son Raja Chain Singh succeeded him and in 2009 after he passed away, Raja Vijaindra Singh is now residing at Amb.[2]

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