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Anda (अंदा/अण्दा) is gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan. It is branch of Chotiya gotra of Jats. Andaki clan is found in Afghanistan.[1]

Origin of name


Surkh Kotal Inscription of Kanishka mentions ..." This stronghold is the 'Kaneṣko' Oanindo sanctuary which the lord king made the namebearer of Kaneṣko. At that time when the stronghold was first completed, then its inner water to drink was missing, therefore the stronghold was without water. And when the water-flow disappeared from the canal, then the gods wished themselves away from the abode. Then they were led to Lrafo, [namely] to Andēzo. Afterwards the stronghold became abandoned.

Villages founded Anda by clan

Devipura (देवीपुरा) village in Ratangarh tahsil of Churu district in Rajasthan was founded by Teja Ram Anda.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Churu district


Villages in Nagaur district


Notable persons


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