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Arnawali Arnaoli /Arnawli /Arnowli (हरनामली/अरनावली) is a village in Meerut tehsil and district of Uttar Pradesh.



The Founders

ये गांव बाबा हरनाम ने बसाया था । जोकि Janjokar वालो के ही पूर्वज थे ।

  • Chaudhary Harnam Singh Sangwan of village Jhijhonkhar in Meerut founded the village "Harnamwali", which later known as Arnawali. Harnam Singh Sangwan brought some pieces from the samadhi of his ancestor from "Charkhi Dadri" and installed them in Meerut after settling here. Since then every year in Meerut, the Sangwan khap organize grand Mela and Dangal in the memory of their ancestors in the samadhi steal in Meerut. There is a custom of starting the ceremony of the Mela by the descendants of Chaudhary Harnam Singh till today. Maharaj Singh Bharti (famous socialist leader and MP from Meerut) was the sixth descendent of Harnam Singh. Chaudhary Manish Bharti (Sangwan) is the grandson of Chaudhary Maharaj Singh, who is also a reformer and agriculturalist.


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