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Location of Asaudha in Jhajjar district

Asaudha or Asaudah (आसौधा) consists of two villages, Asaudah Siwan and Asaudha Todran, in Jhajjar district of Haryana, under Bahadurgarh Tehsil, a few kilometres away from Delhi Border.


It can be searched in google map or google earth by "Asaudah Haryana". Other neighboring villages are, Rohad, Mandauthi, Jakhauda, Barahi, Dasaurkhedi. Asaudah is the first village on the NH-10 to Kharkhoda road.

Jat Gotras in the village

It is a JAT majority village of Dalal (दलाल) gotra.

Apart from Jats, the village is inhabited by Bahman, Luhar, Kumhar, Chamar and Chudde etc. The village have three Pannas.


Ram Swarup Joon[2] writes that....Dalal is a very small gotra as compared to the Mann and Sihag gotras of which it is a branch. There are 12 villages of Dalals including Chhara, Mandothi and Ashoda. People belonging to this gotra inhabit the Chiefs of Kuchesar in district Bulandshahr also belong to the same gotra in that area about 12 villages.

Dada Buddha temple

Outside the village there is a temple (mandir) of "Dada Buddha" Gaam me Dada budhe ke manta se. In Aug/Sept every year gaam organise yearly mela near Dada Budhe ka mandir. After mela in the afternoon time, village organises kushti. People from nearby village also participate in the mela and wrestling competition. Villege has two old Shiv Temples(Shivale/ShivAlaya)

Notable persons

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