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Genealogy of Suryavansha

Asrodh (असरोध)[1] Jat gotra people are found in Uttar Pradesh. [2]


It started after Mahabharata period ruler named Ashmaka (अश्मक).[3]


The Mahabharata Tribe - Asmaka (अश्मक) - The Puranas associate them with the Iksvaku line of Kshatriyas and Buddha scriptures refer to their land as a Mahajanapada. Identified with Paithan in Aurangabad district, this janapada may have comprised modern Nasik and Aurangabad. Fought with the Pandavas (VII. 61.39).

धृष्टथ्युम्नश च थुर्धर्षः शिखण्डी चापराजितः
अश्मकाः केकयाश चैव कषत्रधर्मा च सौमकिः (VII. 61.39)


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

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