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Ataur (अटोड़) (Atod) is village in tahsil and District Ghaziabad.


This village is situated near Rajnagar extension(2kms) and near shamsher(earlier sits garh),District-Ghaziabad.


This was village of Muslim nawab named firoz,but he left this place after 1947(partition).First hindu jat people came here was Molhu Singh and Shakti Singh they were brothers,they came in this village because they killed a man in his native village maroli near Hodal Banjari,they lived here and their gotra was sorot(sohrot).

The Founders


This village is developed by Molhu Singh and Shakti Singh they were brothers,nangla firoz Mohanpur is the village of Shakti Singh and Ataur is the village of Molhu Singh but both villages considered as one village Atour Nangla

Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

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