Ayodhya Kanda

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Book II

Canto I.: The Heir Apparent.

Canto II.: The People's Speech.

Canto III.: Das'aratha's Precepts.

Canto IV.: Ráma Summoned.

Canto V.: Ráma's Fast.

Canto VI.: The City Decorated.

Canto VII.: Manthará's Lament.

Canto VIII: Manthará's Speech.

Canto IX.: The Plot.

Canto X.: Das'aratha's Speech.

Canto XI.: The Queen's Demand.

Canto XII.: Dasaratha's Lament.

Canto XIII.: Das'aratha's Distress.

Canto XIV.: Ráma Summoned.

Canto XV.: The Preparations.

Canto XVI.: Ráma Summoned.

Canto XVII.: Ráma's Approach.

Canto XVIII.: The Sentence.

Canto XIX.: Ráma's Promise.

Canto XX.: Kaus'alyá's Lament.

Canto XXI.: Kaus'alyá Calmed.

Canto XXII.: Lakshman Calmed.

Canto XXIII.: Lakshman's Anger.

Canto XXIV.: Kaus'alyá Calmed.

Canto XXV.: Kaus'alya's Blessing.

Canto XXVI.: Alone With Sitá

Canto XXVII.: Sítá's Speech.

Canto XXVIII.: The Dangers of The Wood.

Canto XXIX.: Sítá's Appeal.

Canto XXX.: The Triumph of Love.

Canto XXXI.: Lakshman's Prayer.

Canto XXXII.: The Gift of The Treasures.

Canto XXXIII.: The People's Lament.

Canto XXXIV.: Ráma In The Palace.

Canto XXXV.: Kaikeyí Reproached.

Canto XXXVI.: Siddhárth's Speech.

Canto XXXVII.: The Coats of Bark.

Canto XXXVIII.: Care For Kaus'alyá

Canto XXXIX.: Counsel To Sítá.

Canto XL.: Ráma's Departure.

Canto XLI.: The Citizens' Lament.

Canto XLII.: Das'aratha's Lament.

Canto XLIII.: Kaus'alyá's Lament.

Canto XLIV.: Sumitra's Speech.

Canto XLV.: The Tamasá.

Canto XLVI.: The Halt.

Canto XLVII.: The Citizens' Return.

Canto XLVIII.: The Women's Lament.

Canto XLIX.: The Crossing of The Rivers.

Canto L.: The Halt Under The Ingudí.

Canto LI.: Lakshman's Lament.

Canto LII.: The Crossing of Gangá.

Canto LIII.: Ráma's Lament.

Canto LIV.: Bharadvája's Hermitage. Canto LV.: The Passage of Yamuná.

Canto LVI.: Chitrakuta.

Canto LVII.: Sumantra's Return.

Canto LVIII.: Ráma's Message.

Canto LIX: Das'aratha's Lament.

Canto LX.: Kaus'alyá Consoled.

Canto LXI.: Kauslaya's Lament.

Canto LXII.: Das'aratha Consoled.

Canto LXIII.: The Hermit's Son.

Canto LXIV.: Das'aratha's Death.

Canto LXV.: The Women's Lament.

Canto LXVI.: The Embalming.

Canto LXVII.: The Praise of Kings.

Canto LXVIII.: The Envoys.

Canto LXIX.: Bharat's Dream.

Canto LXX.: Bharat's Departure.

Canto LXXI.: Bharat's Return.

Canto LXXII.: Bharat's Inquiry.

Canto LXXIII.: Kaikeyí Reproached.

Canto LXXIV.: Bharat's Lamest.

Canto LXXV.: The Abjuration.

Canto LXXVI.: The Funeral

Canto LXXVII.: The Gathering of The Ashes.

Canto LXXVIII.: Manthará Punished.

Canto LXXIX.: Bharat's Commands.

Canto LXXX.: The Way Prepared.

Canto LXXXI.: The Assembly.

Canto LXXXII.: The Departure.

Canto LXXXIII.: The Journey Begun.

Canto LXXXIV.: Guha's Anger.

Canto LXXXV.: Guha And Bharat.

Canto LXXXVI.: Guha's Speech.

Canto LXXXVII.: Guha's Story.

Canto LXXXVIII.: The Ingudí Tree.

Canto LXXXIX.: The Passage of Gangá.

Canto XC.: The Hermitage.

Canto XCI.: Bharadvája's Feast.

Canto XCII.: Bharat's Farewell.

Canto XCIII.: Chitrakúta In Sight.

Canto XCIV.: Chitrakúta.

Canto XCV.: Mandákiní.

Canto XCVI. : The Magic Shaft.

Canto XCVII.: Lakshman's Anger.

Canto XCVIII: Lakshman Calmed.

Canto XCIX.: Bharat's Approach.

Canto C.: The Meeting.

Canto CI.: Bharat Questioned.

Canto CII.: Bharat's Tidings.

Canto CIII.: The Funeral Libation.

Canto CIV.: The Meeting With The Queens.

Canto CV.: Rama's Speech.

Canto CVI.: Bharat's Speech.

Canto CVII.: Ráma's Speech.

Canto CVIII.: Jáváli's Speech.

Canto CIX.: The Praises of Truth.

Canto CX.: The Sons of Ikshva'ku.

Canto CXI.: Counsel To Bharat.

Canto CXII.: The Sandals.

Canto CXIII.: Bharat's Beturn.

Canto CXIV.: Bharat's Departure.

Canto CXV.: Nandigrám.

Canto CXVI.: The Hermit's Speech.

Canto CXVII.: Anasúyá.

Canto CXVIII.: Anasúyá's Gifts.

Canto CXIX.: The Forest.