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Bogdawat/Bogdavat (बोगदावत) Bagdawat (बगदावत)[1] Bagdavat (बगदावत)[2] is gotra of Jats. [3] [4]


This gotra is said to be started from their ancestral people who came grom Bagdad. [5]


Bhim Singh Dahiya refers the article "Chinghiz Khan and his Ancestors" by Henry H. Howarth, even Chinghiz Khan is addressed as "The Valiant Bogda". [6] There is an Indian Jat clan called Bogdawat. A composition of Chinghiz Khan's army is given which mentions that it had 30,000 Jats, and further, 20,000 soldiers of 'Indian' origin, were commanded by one Bela Noyan. As shown above this Noyan is the same as the existing Indian Jat clan 'Nayan'/Nain. We are not sure whether Chinghiz Khan belonged to the Bogdawat clan of the Jats but the epithet Bogda is striking. It may be an honorific title, like 'high', brave, etc. and points to the Central Asian origin of Jats. In the autobiography of Taimurlung (Tamerlane) also we find repeated references of his fights with the Jats.[7]

बोगदावत जाट

दलीप सिंह अहलावत[8] के अनुसार “चंगेजखां और उसके पूर्वपुरुष” नामक पुस्तक में हैनरी एच. होवर्थ ने लिखा है कि चंगेजखां बोगदा शूरवीर था (इण्डियन अन्टिक्वारी, 1886; जिल्द 15, पृ० 129)। यह बोगदावत जाट गोत्र है। चंगेजखां की सेना में 30,000 जाट एवं 20,000 भारतीय मूल के सैनिक थे, जिनका सेनापति बेला नौयन था जो कि नैण जाट गोत्र है।


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