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Location of Fatehgarh in Hanumangarh district

Fatehgarh (फतेहगढ़) is a village in Tehsil Hanumangarh in District Hanumangarh in Rajasthan. Its earlier name was Bigor which was converted to Fatehgarh by Surat Singh Rathore. [1]



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James Tod[2] has provided us the History of Surat Singh, the founder of Suratgarh. After the death of Raja Raj, the gadi of Beeka was dishonoured by being possessed by an assassin of his prince. In S. 1857 (A.D. 1801), the elder brothers of the usurper, Surtan Sing and Ajib Sing, who had found refuge in Jaipur, repaired to Bhatner and assembled the vassals of the disaffected nobles and Bhattis in order to dethrone the tyrant. But the recollection of his severities deterred some, while bribes kept back others, and the usurper did not hesitate to advance to meet his foes. The encounter, which took place at Bigor, was obstinate and bloody, and three thousand Bhattis alone fell. This signal victory con­firmed Surat Singh's usurpation. He erected a castle on the field of battle, which he called Fatehgarh, ' the abode of victory.'

Flushed with this brilliant success, Surat Singh determined to make his authority respected both at home and abroad. He invaded his turbulent countrymen, the Bidawats, and levied fifty thousand rupees from their lands. Churu, which had promised aid to the late confederacy, was once more invested and mulcted, and various other places were attacked ere they could join. But one solitary castle was successfully defended, that of Chhani Badi, near Bhadra. Here the usurper was foiled, and, after six months' fruitless siege, compelled to return to his capital.


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