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Baidwan (बैदवान)[1] Baidvan (बैदवान) Vaidwan (वैदवान) Vaidyan[2] (वैदयान) vedyan (वेदयान) Vedwan (वेदवान) [3] [4] is Jat Gotra in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab (India) and Pakistan. Baidwan and Vaidwan are same gotra.


According to H.A. Rose it is derived from baid, a physician.[5]


The Baidwan and Vaidwan are Sikhs and Vedic Hindu both. Baidwans found in Ambala , Mohali (Chandigarh) are of Sikh origin. In west UP ,they have a village name as Dhanaura Tikri (Baghpat district) and say their gotra as Vaidwan and are vedic Hindu by religion.

H.A. Rose[6] writes that Baidwan is an important Hindu-Sikh Jat tribe in Ambala. H.A. Rose writes about its etymology that Fancifully it is derived from baid, a physician — who rescued a bride of the clan from robbers and was rewarded by their adopting his name.

Distribution in West UP

DhanouraTikri - A village in Baghpat district inhabited by Vaidwans of vedic-hindu religion.

Villages in Baghpat district

Dhanoura Tikri,

Villages in Saharanpur district

Ambauli (अंबौली/ आंबौली), Gangauli,

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Rupnagar district

Villages in Patiala district

Baidwan population is 1,650 in Patiala district.[7]

Distribution in Pakistan

Some of the baidwans are found in Punjab province of Pakistan too. They are now found scattered in Pakistan in Okara, Kumbra, Mataur, Mauli, Sohana, Sahiwal, Vehari and Multan and Mohali district.

Notable persons

  • Maj Harmandeep Singh Baidwan - RAJ RIF/9 RR
  • Harveer Baidwan - In Canada Cricket team


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