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District map of Bundi

Balwan (बल्वन) is a village in Indragarh Bundi tehsil of Bundi district in Rajasthan. Balvan is 7 miles north east of Lakheri.


According to the Hammiramahakavya, Vagbhata ruled at Ranthambhor for twelve years. If this be regarded as an approximately correct period, Vaghhata must have died a little after Ulugh Khan's second attack in 1253 A.D. His greatness was recognised in every quarter. Even his enemies called him "the greatest of the Rais, and the most noble and illustrious of all the princes of Hindustan", and that their estimate was perfectly justified might be seen from his achievements detailed above. Vagbhata was succeeded by his son Jaitrasimha. According to the Balvan inscription , he, acting as some new Sun, scorched Jayasimha, even though he was seated in Mandapa, sharpened the edge of his axe on the throat of the Kurma ruler, looked glorious with his sword playing on the skull of the ruler of Karkarāla-giri and captured at Jhamphāithaghaṭṭa hundreds of the soldiers of the ruler of Malwa who were thereafter thrown into prison at Ranastambhapura and enslaved. (EI,XIX, pp.49-50) [1]

Jhamphāithaghaṭṭa stands for Jhapait-ghat on the Chambal river ten miles due south of the Railway Station of Lakheri in Kota-Bundi. Balvan is 7 miles north east of Lakheri.

Balvan inscription of 1288 A.D.

The Balvan inscription of the year mentions the performance of not only one but two Kotiyagna by Hammira and describes the capture of the elephant force of Arjuna, the ruler of Malwa, a kingdom the condition of which was indeed bad enough to invite interference from all sides.


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