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For information about the Beniwal gotra, please read → Beniwal.

Baniwal (बणीवाल) gotra Jats live in Delhi and Tonk district in Rajasthan. Baniwal clan have no jathera at all.[1]

Villages in Tonk district

Aranya Kankad (1),


Last known origin of Beniwal gotra is Bikaner in Rajasthan. All Beniwal gotra Jats living in various parts/villages of Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya pradesh, Maharastra and Delhi. The migration started some few hundreds of years back. The migration continues because of job requirements, and a number of times, they settle where they retire from jobs or they buy farm lands. Now, we can find Beniwals living in England, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Basically, all Beniwals were Hindus, and later, some of them started following the Sikh religion around 1700 CE, while some became followers of Islam (Pakistan). First and foremost, they all are Jats and part of one big family. All Beniwal/Beheniwal/Vehniwal/Baniwal etc. are brothers and sisters irrespective of their place of living.

Notable persons

  • Mr. J.K. Baniwal – Govt. Service, Asst. Civil Engg. DDA, E-300, GK-1, New Delhi-48, New Delhi, 011-26461598.
  • Mr. Sanjay Beniwal – IG/IPS from village Pitampura (a metro railway station) in Rohini area.
  • G. S. Beniwal – retd. Defence officer.
  • Mr. H. K. Beniwal – ex-Director, Central Vigilance Commission, Government of India.

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