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Bardasir or Bardsir (Persian: بردسير‎, also Romanized as Bardsīr and Bardesīr; also known as Deh-e Now-e Mashīz, Mashīz, Mshiz, and Qal‘eh-ye Mashīz) is a city in and the capital of Bardsir County, Kerman Province, Iran.


Sultan Jalalu-d din in Sind

Sir H. M. Elliot Edited by John Dowson[1] writes that Fakhru-d din Salari was governor of Sadusan on the part of Kubacha, and Lachin of Khita, who was in command of the army, went out against Amir Khan, the leader of the Sultan's advance guard. Lachin was slain in the action, and Uzbek Khan

[p.398]: invested the city of Sadusan. When the Sultan himself arrived, Fakhru-d din Salari presented himself before him in an humble posture, with his sword (round his neck), and clothed in a shroud. The Sultan entered the city, and after staying there for one month, he conferred an honorary dress upon Fakhru-d din Salari, and restored to him the governorship of Sadusan.

The Sultan then went towards Dewal and Darbela, and Jaisi ; the ruler of that country, fled away on a ship, and went in the direction of the sea. The Sultan remained near Dewal and Damrila, and sent Khas Khan with an army to pillage Nahrwala, whence he brought back many captives.

The Sultan raised a jami' masjid at Dewal, on the spot where an idol temple stood. While he was engaged in these operations, intelligence was received from 'Irak, that Sultan Ghiyasu-d din had established himself in that province, and that most of the troops who were quartered there were attached to the interests of Sultan Jalalu-d din, and were anxiously expecting his return. It was also represented, that Burak Hajib was in Kirman, and had fortified himself in the city of Bardasir. It was also given out that the Mughal army was still in pursuit of the Sultan. He accordingly departed from Dewal and Damrila, and went by way of Makran, but the climate was so very insalubrious that he lost the greater part of his army.

[p. 399]: When Burak Hajib heard of the approach of the Saltan, he sent him many presents, with the expression of his hearty congratulations, and, on the Sultan's arrival, Burak Hajib solicited that he would accept his daughter in marriage. The Sultan acceded to the request, and the marriage was celebrated. The Kotwal also came forth, and presented the keys of his fort, upon which the Sultan entered it, and remained during the night.