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Barhana or Barhaana (बरहाणा) which is an Ahlawat gotra village in Jhajjar district, a few kilometres away from Sampala town at Delhi-Rohtak Road. Navin Gulia ji is running his Jan Jagriti classes there. The villagers have erected a building called "Sidhanti Bhawan" which is also used as Arya Samaj Mandir.

Notable persons from this village

  • Pandit Jagdev Singh Sidhanthi (पंडित जगदेव सिंह सिद्धान्ती) (1900-1979) was born in 1900 on the day of Vijayadashami in the family of Ch. Preet Ram Ahlawat at village Barhana (Gugnan) in Jhajjar district Haryana.

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