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Barojwar (बरोजवार)[1][2] Varojwar (वरोजवार) [3] is gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh. [4]


Barojwar (बरोजवार) gotra of Jats is said to be started from their ancestral king Biraja (बिरजा) or Viraja (विरज) of Nagavansh. [5] Viraja (विराज) was a Nagavanshi King of the period of Mahabharata.


Hukum Singh Panwar writes with reference to Waddell (1976: 67) who claimed that Trinvindu, father of Visala, a descendant of Narishyanta, the progenitor of the Sakas (Scythian Jats) was succeeded as "arranger of the Vedas by a Taxa (Taxak or Takshak) of the Sakas. We link this with our statements in ch. VIII. where we have shown that he was the descendant of Visala whose son, Viraja, reigned at Vaisali which we have identified as Visala or Basal, the eponymous city founded by Visala (Atharva Veda, VIII, 10,29). [6]

In Mahabharata

Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 44 gives the list of combatants who came to the ceremony for investing Kartikeya with the status of generalissimo. Shloka 81 names Viraja along with Tittira and Dharan.

कॊकिला वदनाश चान्ये शयेनतित्तिरिकाननाः
कृकलास मुखाश चैव विरजॊऽमबरधारिणः (IX.44.81)

Virja is actually the name of an ancient king who denied to become the king and became sanyasi (in the early Vedic civilisation), in the ancestry of Brahma, the creator.

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