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Location of Merta city in Nagaur district

Basani Seja (बासनी सेजा) is a village in tehsil Merta of Nagaur district in Rajasthan. It is a Jat village, mainly of Tada and Baperia gotra.


PIN Code of the village is: 342902. It is situated 29km away from Merta town and 110km away from Nagaur city. Being a large village, Basni Seja village has got its own gram panchayat. Dhanapa, Talanpur and Bhilawas are some of the neighbouring villages.

This is an old historical village founded 500 years back. This is a well-connected village by bus transport. Its population is 2,624.


  • Basani Seja village was founded by Deo Baba Jat of Tada gotra.


The village was founded by Deo Baba Jat of Tada gotra 500 years back. Due to this reason the village is also called as ‘Tada Ki Basni’. The village has area of irrigated land of 1800 bigha. Many people of village work in lime stone mines in neighbouring areas. All the houses in village are pucca and electrified. It has one Secondary School, one girls’ middle School, two private middle Schools and one govt primary school.

The village has one temple of Thakurji, one Ramdwara of Ramsnehi community and one Kabirdwara.

Jat Gotras

There are about 3023 people (according to Census-2011) residing in the village. Out of them 300 families are of Jats. The biggest Jat gotra in the village is Tada with 210 families. The other Jat gotras are Bapedia 70 families, Beda with 20 families.


According to Census-2011 information:

With total 560 families residing, Basni Seja village has the population of 3023 (of which 1577 are males while 1446 are females).[1]

Notable persons

  • Ram Avatar Tada – Pradhan of Merta Panchayat Samiti for many years.
  • Bhanna Ram Tada – President of Cooperative Society of six villages.
  • Sita Ram Choudhary (Tada) - VP. Basni Seja, TEL. Merta City, PS. Gotan, Present Address : C-65 Tara Nagar, Near Khirani Phatak, Jhotwara, JAIPUR, Resident Phone Number : 9414190071, Mobile Number : 9829037071
  • Mangi Lal Baperia - Retd Teacher, Present Sarpanch.

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