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Location of Beri in Jhajjar district

Beri (बेरी) village and tahsil, which previously fell under district Rohtak Haryana, is now part of newly-created Jhajjar district. It is a large village and is also one of the seats of Haryana Vidhan Sabha constituency. On the creation of Haryana on 1st November 1966, Pundit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma became the first Chief Minister of the State. He belonged to this village.

Villages in Beri tahsil

Achhej, Baghpur, Bakra, Barhaana, Beri (MC), Beri Khas, Bhambhewa, Bishan, Chhochhi, Chiman Pura, Cheemni, Dewana, Dhandhlaan, Dhaur, Dharana, Dighal, Dujana, Dubaldhan, Dubaldhan Ghikan, Dubaldhan Kirmian, Gangtan, Gochhi, Godhri (गोधरी), Jahazgarh, Lakria, Madana Kalan, Madana Khurd, Mohammadpur Mazra, Dubaldhan Majra, Malikpur (मलीकपुर), Paharipur, Palra, Seria, Safipur (सफीपुर), Siwana, Wazirpur,


भीमेश्वरी देवी मंदिर, बेरी

It is a historical village, in existence from pre-Mahabharata period. The famous Bheemeshwari (भीमेश्वरी) Temple is situated on the outskirts of this village, connected to many folk tales relating to one of the Pandavas, Bheemsen. The temple attracts large crowds from many surrounding villages. Many traders or Banias of this village have now shifted to far flung places like Calcutta. They still own their traditional houses in the village and pay regular visits to the temple. Beri also used to host the largest cattle fair of India, which has now shifted to neighbouring Jehazgarh village.

Jat gotra

  • Kadian - Jat gotra is Kadian. Beri is actually the heart of Kadian Khap. For reading pleasure, please see Jatland Forums thread "Kissa-e Kadyan-Khap" [[1]]. [1]

Beri Pal

Beri Pal khap has 36 villages. Jat Gotras in are – Kadiyan and Ahlawat. Notable persons of the khap are – Prof. Sher Singh, Brig. Ran Singh Maan and Suresh Pahalwan.[2]

Beri Jat Gotra

Beri Jat gotra is found in Punjab and population is 2,010 in Patiala district.[3]

Notable persons


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