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Bhagi (भागी)[1]/Bhagiwal (भागीवाल) is a gotra of Jats. [2]


Mention by Panini

Bhagika (भागिक), bhagya (भाग्य), is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [3]


In Rajatarangini

Rajatarangini[4] mentions that Bhagika, Sharadbhasi, Mummuni, Mungata, Kalasha and other men of the king's party harassed the enemies. Kamalaya, son of Lavaraja king of Takka, took the king's side in this war in 1121 AD. (VIII,93)

Rajatarangini[5] mentions that The king Sussala, who was indifferent in mind and wished to resign his kingdom brought from Lohara, his son Simhadeva, who had just then passed his boyhood. He had made Bhagika, Prajji's brother's son, lord of Mandala and employed him at Lohara, and thus guarded the country and its treasury. When his beloved son Simhadeva arrived at Varahamula, he advanced and embraced him with joy as well as with grief....His father (Sussala) crowned him (Simhadeva) on the first of Ashada, and with tears in his eyes he taught him in the ways and policies of kings. It is in 1125 AD. [VIII (i),p.105]

Rajatarangini[6] mentions that Lakshmaka returned from Dvara and went to Parnotsa without rising against the king ; and then drove Bhagika from the hills of Lohara. (p.141)

Rajatarangini[7] mentions that Thus induced, Sujji was inclined to go to Bhikshu who was with Dengapala, but was prevented by Bhagika who was somewhat agitated and advised him not to take that step so long he had not consigned the bones of his master in the waters of the Ganges. (p.143)

Rajatarangini[8] mentions that Bhikshu awaited the arrival of Sujji in order to snatch the kingdom, and stationed himself, fearing; nothing, in the fort named Vāṇashala which was small height and belonged to Bhagika, lord of Khasha, and son-in-law of Tikka ; and he caused all the Damaras to rebel against the king by means of spies.[VIII(i), p.144]

Rajatarangini[9] mentions that....when asked by Simhadeva, he shewed some indications of performing what he promised to Sujji. When Sujji reached Jalandhara, on the evening previous to the morning on which he was to go to Bhikshachara, a messenger came to him from Somapala. Advised by Jyashthapala, but prohibited by Bhāgika, Sujji relied on the words of the messenger and did not join the enemy. [VIII(i), p.145]

Rajatarangini[10] mentions that ....When Bhagika had left Kotta, Prema, lord of Madava (?), careless on account of affluence, paid little attention to the defence of the country. [p.158]

Rajatarangini[11] mentions that ....Sujji whose avarice had destroyed his dexterity in all business, now threw off his disguise and became the minister of king Lothana. He bestowed on king Lothana, the daughter of Bhagika and removed the mistrust which existed between him and Lothana, and also soothed the grief caused by the death of his beloved ones. The able Sujji requested king Padmaratha, and brought Padmaratha's daughter named Somaladevi for marriage with Lothana. Having thus by high, connections established the stability of king Lothana, Sujji paid off the debt of receiving the post of the minister which he had sought. The new king, at the repeated request of the Damaras and others, sent Sujji to Kashmira, and Sujji prepared his plan for entering that country. [VIII(i), p.169]


Bhagiwal is a village in Chunian tehsil of Kasur District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

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