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Bhatika Tissa (141-165 AD) was a Buddhist King of Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka) in the 2nd century, whose reign lasted from 141 to 165. He succeeded his father Mahallaka Naga as King of Anuradhapura and was succeeded by his brother Kanittha Tissa.

Variants of name

Jat clan


In Mahavansa

  • Bhati - Mahavansa/Chapter 36 (The Thirteen Kings) tells....After the death of Mahallaka Naga his son Bhatika Tissa reigned twenty-four years in Lanka. He built a wall around the Mahävihara. When the king had built the Gavaratissavihara he made the Mahamani-tank and gave it to the vihara. Moreover, he built the vihãra called Bhätikatissa. He built an uposatha-house in the beautiful Thuparama; the king also made the Randhakandaka-tank. Filled with tenderness towards beings and zealous in reverencing the brotherhood the protector of the earth commanded lavish alms-giving to the community of both sexes.
  • Bhati - Mahavansa/Chapter 36 tells....After the death of Bhatika Tissa (his younger brother) Kanittha Tissa reigned eighteen years in the island of Lankä. Since he was well pleased with the thera Mahanaga in the Bhutarama he built for him in splendid fashion the Ratanapasada in the Abhayagiri. Moreover, he built in the Abhayagiri a wall and a great parivena and a great parivena besides in the (vihara) called Manisoma. In that place he built a temple for the cetiya and in like manner for the Ambatthala-thupa; and (he ordered) the restoration of the temple in Nagadipa.