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Shri Bhudev Singh, also known as Guruji, born on 30 June 1955, is an Indian education tycoon who take active roles in propagating and implementing groundbreaking educational ideas in order to spread education in the grass root level.

Background and Education:

Shri Bhudev Singh was born in a reputed farmer family of Shri Jyot Singh at village Heempur-Deepa, district Bijnore, U.P., India, on 30, June 1955. He received his basic education at home town itself. He obtained his Graduation & Masters degree from Hindu Degree College‎, City Chandpur, Bijnore. Being brilliant in studies, he also proved himself as a leader & elected as President of College Union. Later on he took advanced research on Indian Education System & modification need in a vision of Ideal Model for Education.

He got married soon after his schooling (Intermediate) on 10th June 1975 with Smt. Sudha Singh D/o Shri Rajpal Singh, a Maurya family of Bhojpur, Bijnore.

Vision & Mission:

After completing education in 1980, Mr. Singh joined a company in Pvt Sector but soon he realized the correct place for him as he was born to contribute for education. He joined a newly born Organization Vidya Bharti, now the largest Indian education organization with a prime objective as:

To develop a National System of Education which would help to build a generation:-

• committed to Hindutva and infused with patriotic fervour,

• fully developed physically, vitally, mentally and spiritually,

• capable of successfully facing challenges of day to day life-situations.

• dedicated to the service of our those brothers and sisters who live in villages, forests, caves and slums and are deprived and destitute, so that they are liberated from the shackles of social evils and injustice, and

• thus devoted, may contribute to building up a harmonious, prosperous and culturally rich Nation.

Turning Point:

1988 was the turning point in his career, when he took the charge of a struggling school, Bhagwanti Saraswati Vidya Mandir, at Muzaffarnagar, U.P. He accepted the challenge towards financial stability, Infrastructure development & Quality of education. These were the days when quality education was really been a challenge & very limited institutes were able to meet & qualify quality parameters. Mr. Singh planned a strategic model to address the underlying causes that hinder success. Brainstorming solutions based on challenges & feedbacks in core discussion. Making a difference; the goal is to foster a more team-oriented approach to teaching and learning. His effective management & positive approach soon tracked a path with several mile stones of success…


One of the biggest challenges was to improve education level with limited available resources. Financial stability was the major crunch. The student strength was approximately 400~500 in all that time. Some management committee issues were going on & needed to be short out to focus on primary objective. Mr. Singh promptly eliminated hinders, build almost fresh team & closely eye on education & teaching quality to upgrade education level. A dedicated approach towards Bhartiya Sanskriti (Hindu dharma, culture & sanskar) distinguished it from others. Soon popularity graph marked an exponentially rising plot, which in turn increased no. of students & resulting great revenue. His possess excellent interpersonal, leadership and analytical skills with demonstrated abilities soon shorted all conflicts & directed the organization to achieve targets & goal.

Growth & Mile Stones:

  • The small school is now turned into two Inter colleges separated for Girls & Boys under his guidance with student strength of Apx 5000.
  • Since almost 22 years, Mr. Singh is continuing the position of Principal of L.J.P.S.V.M. Inter College, Muzaffarnagar & Director to S.V.M. Inter College, Muzaffarnagar.
  • He is/has been member of many Educational/Social Associations since 1995.
  • Both of his Colleges have been awarded as best A Category in Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad.
  • The only college with continuous presence & hold on State Board Merit List and National level scholarships.
  • Mr. Singh is a well known author & poet too. Most of his books are well recognized in Vidya Bharti nation wide as being content specific.
  • He is the member of Managing Body of ABVB, Lucknow, responsible to formulate & design education strategy national wide.
  • Mr. Singh is presently heading as State Examination Controller of Vidya Bharti.
  • Since almost three decades, Mr. Singh is contributing for RSS & successfully attempted Level 2 OTC.
  • He is known for his work for Hindutv, patriotism & building cultured generation to contribute for nation development.
  • He has been awarded as best educationist on Shikshak Divas almost every year in different programs organized for his meritorious service & Inexplicable credits to his efforts towards education & Hindu Sanskriti.
  • A special appreciation & nation recognition was received to his invaluable affords during/after successful organization of Nation events like:
  • Bhaorao Devras National Award, C.Guest – Ramesh Pokhriyal, Chief Minister, UA
  • Nation Event of Games, C. Guest – Rajnath Singh, Ex-President BJP

A long lasting list to name all of them here…

  • Mr. Singh participated in Kar Sevak Aandolan on 6 December, 1992 at Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya.
  • He has been the author/co-author of many research papers and articles which have appeared in the leading journals of India and abroad.
  • Mr. Singh’s contribution for Education, cultural-social-welfare & National integration is in valuable & ever lasting.

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