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Bidya Datta (बिद्या दत्त) or Vidya Datta (विद्या दत्त) was king who ruled over Ujjain during 9th century.

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From the history of Bidyasar gotra we know that they are the descendants of king Bidya Datta (बिद्यादत्त) who ruled over Ujjain during 9th century. It is said that the ruling family of Mysore state is "Vadyar" by gotra and are the descendant of king Bidya Datta.

In Rajasthan, they first came to Runicha (Jaisalmer) and then to Rarod (Tah. Bhopalgarh in Jodhpur) and Rataoo (Tahsil- Ladnu in Nagaur) in 12th century and occupied the position of village Chaudhary. His son Kanwsi, a great devotee of "Goddess Dadhimati" of Goth Mangalod later on changed the name of Dhasunda to Khiyala. Bidyasar Choudhary of Khiyala used to collect land revenue on behalf of Delhi throne for three decades , before Jodhpur state was carved out.

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