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Map of Bolan Pass
Map of Bolan near Quetta in Balochistan
Map of Mehrgarh

Bolān Pass is a mountain pass through the Toba Kakar Range of Balochistan province in western Pakistan, 120 kilometres from the Afghanistan border.


Bolan Pass is located in south-east of Quetta. Mehrgarh is located near the Bolan Pass. Toba Kakar Mountains are a southern offshoot of the Himalayas in the Balochistan region of Pakistan.


Strategically located, traders, invaders, and nomadic tribes have also used it as a gateway to and from South Asia. The Bolān Pass is an important pass on the Baluch frontier, connecting Jacobabad and Sibi with Quetta.

Traditionally, the Brahui of the Baluchi ethnic group are in charge of the law and order situation through the Pass area. This tribe is still living in present day Balochistan in Pakistan, and they still preserve their Dravidian Language.

Jat History

Bhim Singh Dahiya [1] writes that ....It was these Jauhla/Johl Jats who were the defenders of Khyber Pass from the Kabul side for many centuries against the Arabs, while the brave Jats of Kikan or Kikanan, were defending the Bolan Pass.[2] As early as 682 A.D., these Jats of Kikanan, resisted and repulsed the Arabs, and at the time of Calliph A-Mehdi (786-809 A.D.), his armies had to measure swords with these hardy Jats of Bolan Pass.[3]

Mangal Sen Jindal writes:[4] "During the Caliphat of Ali, a great expedition was sent against India in A.D. 660. The Muslim Army advanced up to Kikan or Kikanan. Kikan was a state in the hilly region

History of Origin of Some Clans in India:End of p.75

around Bolan Pass and is referred by the Hiuan Tsang as a Kingdom whose people had a pastoral lives amid the great mountains and valleys in separate clans without any ruling chief." History & Culture of Indian People, Vol. Ill, page 169.

"Muhammad-bin-Qasim, the Commander on behalf of Hajjaj (near about 708 A.D.) was re-inforced by two thousand select horse sent by Hajjaj and 4000 warlike Jats from Siwistan (Sehwan) in India .... after conquering a few more stronghold, he besieged Multan" History & Culture of Indian People Vol. III, page 172.

Between 724 to 738 A.D., "It would thus appear that the Arabs advanced through Rajasthan and proceeded as far as Malwa in the East and Broach in the South." ..... History & Culture of Indian People, Vol. Ill, page 172.

There was four routs to enter India from West viz., (l) by sea, (2) Khybar Pass, (3) Bolan Pass, (4) Makran Coast. "The Khybar Pass was guarded by Kabul and Zahull while the Bolan Pass was protected by the brave 'Jats' of Kikan or Kikanan." History & Culture of Indian People, Vol. III, page 174.

(In A.D. 786-809), "The Muslim army from Caliph Al-Mahdi, had also to fight with the hardy 'Jaths' of Kikanan who are known to have resisted the Arabs as back as A.D. 662." History & Culture of Indian People. Vol. IV. page 127.

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